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e-apostille verification

Legalising a document with an e-apostille, always requires the document to be checked and certified by a solicitor. Documents sent to us by email for the PDF will need to be verified before our solicitor can add a digital signature. Once correctly certified we can obtain the electronic apostille on the PDF document.

E-apostille for UK Degree Certificates

Legalising UK degree certificates with the e-apostille can be done from a copy sent by email. We need to verify the authenticity of the document for international use.

Verification of Degree Certificates

Digital Verification:

  • Direct University Confirmation: Graduates can arrange for their university to email a confirmation of their qualifications directly to us. This must be sent to us and not a forwarded email from you.
  • University Portals: Some universities offer online portals for sharing authenticated documents with us. We can access the document securely, download the documents and process the PDF copy.
  • Verification Service: For a fee, we will communicate with the university to confirm the document’s authenticity. This can take several days or weeks and may require completed consent forms.

Physical Verification:

  • We see the Original Certificate: You send the original document to us for checking. Universities incorporate various security features such as holographic seals, micro-printing, high print quality, heat marks, and embossed crests to ensure authenticity. Sending the original document to us will delay processing of an e-apostille and you may prefer to obtain a physical apostille instead.

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E-apostille for Employment Documents

All employment documents sent to us for the e-apostille need to be verified with the employer. Our solicitor cannot add a digital signature without checking the origin of the document.

To verify the document, you can expedite the process by asking your employer to email us the document, confirming it is a genuine document, ask them to include your order number.

Alternatively, we will contact the employer once we receive the document from you and ask them to verify it is correct. There is an additional fee for this service of £30 per employer we need to contact. This may take longer to complete if the employer is not expecting us to contact them or we do not have contact details for the appropriate person at the company.

E-apostille for Business Documents

Our e-apostille service is available for documents that we can verify through Companies House, the official government register of UK companies. This includes a wide range of documents such as Certificates of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association, Incorporation Documents, Annual Returns, and various other statutory documents filed with Companies House.

By cross-referencing Companies House, we ensure that every document we legalise is accurate, valid, and add statements that we have checked the source of the document.

The process of obtaining an e-Apostille for your company documents is straightforward and efficient. Once we receive your request, we verify the authenticity of the document with Companies House. After verification, our solicitor will add a certification and digital signature, we then issue the e-Apostille that confirms the document’s legitimacy.

Why is Verification of Documents Necessary?

Documents cannot be accepted ‘in good faith’. To maintain the integrity of the apostille, and legalising documents, our solicitors need to know the origin of documents and verify them with the issuing body/organisation. They need written confirmation the document is ‘true’ or they need to access them from a source that is trusted.

Having checked a document they can certify them to be true PDF documents and add a statement they have been checked. The e-apostille can then be added to the certified PDF.

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